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    Ranging in sizes and colours, our sheets are the diverse addition to any bedding. We strive to have a range that compliments any duvet cover, and fits in with the overall aesthetic look of a room. Our range of Egyptian cotton sheets extends through from single and double children’s beds, to queen and king adult sizing.

    Our sheets are not just for private households, but are also appropriate for larger organisations such as those in the hospitality industry. Used in hospitals and hotels to add extra comfort to customers, our sheets are the perfect and durable choice for an industry that serves multiple people.


    Providing luxury, style and comfort, Next Linen have built a foundation of high quality 1000 thread Egyptian cotton as our main products range. Serving hospitals, hotels and homewares, these sheets have served customers time and time over, and have become a staple in homes and businesses across Australia. We use supreme Egyptian cotton which allows us to ensure that our products are all made with excellence.

    Our team at Next Linen are highly skilled and trained staff working with state of the art machinery in our Australian unit. We use strict standards to make our sheets and to ensure that all customers can enjoy the same cosiness that come with our Egyptian cotton sheet sets.

    Next Linen has been built over years of passion and drive, with the main objective of supplying the best sheets available to customers, understanding the importance of a comfortable night sleep.